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Page history last edited by Daniel R 13 years, 9 months ago

Possible locations




Requirements for a good nerdcurious salon location.


  • circular table, circular chair configuration.
  • food, drinks
  • internet/wifi, at least for most topics and for hands on exercises
  • hangout friendly as opposed to turnover pressure
  • warm, not cold
  • conversation friendly, not loud
  • financially accessible
  • age accessibility (i.e. bars that requires 21+ are suboptimal)


Nice to have

  • Easy access to transit


Excellent locations

  • Coffee To The People, wifi, food


Good locations

  • e-Storm International - San Francisco Office
    • Pluses: wifi, its Daniel's office, private, projector (by 2007), "free" drinks
    • Minuses: no food (except pringles), can sometime be stuffy on weekends, conference room seats ~14


  • Crepes on Cole
    • plusses: roundtable
    • minuses: no internet
  • Squat & Gobble haight, roundtable, some internet
  • Muddy Waters (mission, or church), wifi inconsistent
  • Starbucks at 17th & Mariposa, pay wifi
  • Cafe La Onda
  • Lingba lounge in potrero, across from
  • Levende lounge, on a night without someone cranking the tunes
  • 21st Amendment, wifi (but no round tables, upstairs can work)
  • Pauline's near Zeitgeist, they have a private room (I second Pauline's because their food is heavenly - tanya.)
  • Higher Grounds
  • Ritual Roasters - Hey, Wired referred to it as Cafe 2.0-tanya.
    • plusses: internet, coffee, lighting, power outlets, open late
    • minuses: often very crowded, challenging to find seats together
  • Canvas Cafe
    • plusses: internet, lots of space, food, coffee
    • minuses: often crowded, hard to get enough seats together
  • Cafe Grillades
    • plusses: free wi-fi, coffee, food, not too crowded, close to MUNI and Citizen Cupcake
    • minuses: in Hayes Valley=no parking, no BART


Rejected locations

  • Zeitgeist, too cold, loud
  • 111 Minna, no food, too loud
  • Bliss bar, back room, too dark, 21+ only

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