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Welcome to nerdcurious



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Upcoming nerdcurious salons


Gender in Technology


  • Pick the topic you want to learn about next from the SuggestedTopics page!
    • Nerdcurious attendees should be proposing "next topic" suggestions on the home page, rather than leads/teachers. Hence the "Pick the topic you want to learn about" in the header above.


  • Etiquette
    • Not all discussion takes place via wiki, but several people have approached me in person and asked for this.
    • is it described on the SuggestedTopics page? is this the "Etiquette for Nerds (IRL etiquette, not netiquette)"? From the lack of input here on the wiki on the topic, I wouldn't conclude "large demand", though *I* think it could be particularly interesting - I would like to know the intended scope/frame more first though - hence more description on the SuggestedTopics page would be good. - Tantek


  • ... then suggest:


Possible dates for future salons


Also: Please suggest a date or vote for a date by adding your name under a suggestion along with your like (+1), ambivalence(+0), or dislike (-1) of that date, so we can get the next nerdcurious underway!


Past nerdcurious salons


    • Topic: Can Blog Comments Impose Upon Your Freedom Of Expression
    • Why: Because Ryan Bacon, a coder for the world's largest forum on the Internet - period - is in town.
    • Who: Barce, Ryan Bacon
    • When & Where: 830pm on August 15, The Kezar on Carl & Cole Street in San Francisco


    • Topic: How to make sure your website appears on Google, Ask, Yahoo
    • Why: Because some folks from the Symphony were asking how to make sure people can find their website on Google
    • Who: Daniel (that's me) can lead the discussion, I do search marketing for a living. :)
    • When & Where: August 5 (Tentative, maybe later?), Coffee to the People or the e-Storm Office (Off of Union Square)



    • Topic: "blogging - how to start a blog? comparing services. philosophical aspects of blogging. getting personal or not." as suggested on the SuggestedTopics page
    • Why: Because I want to - Sarah M
    • When@ Where: 2007-04-15 11am @ Coffee to the People


  • 2007: Singularity Salon at Crepes on Cole
  • December 16, 2006: HypertextLiteracy - 12pm @ Coffee to the People
  • October 8, 2006: JustWikiIt - 11am @ Coffee to the People






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