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Just Wiki It!


When and where

October 8th, 11am-noon, at Coffee To The People, 1206 Masonic St., San Francisco, CA 94117



What the heck is a Wiki and what is Wikipedia?


What does it mean to "wiki" something?


Why would I wiki something?


How to find stuff on Wikipedia. And edit it.


How do I edit the nerdcurious wiki?



  • You use the Web (AKA The World Wide Web - WWW) with a web browser. If not, how did you find out about this?
  • You like to find things.
  • You like to fix things, express yourself, and/or contribute to a community.


It would help

  • Bring a laptop with wireless (wifi) capabilities.
  • Bring a topic you're either curious about and/or consider yourself knowledgable about.



If you want to attend or have attended this nerdcurious, add your name to this list!



See also the conversation on Consumating.com.







More Wikis to practice on


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