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Hypertext Literacy


Note: planning and brainstorming has been moved to HypertextLiteracyPlanning.




Basic HTML Elements


Simple text modifications


  • <em>This text receives emphasis.</em>
  • <strong>This text receives strong emphasis.</strong>


Linking to other pages and files


  • <a href="http:// example.com/path/to/a/page.html">This text links to another page.</a> -- NB: an extra space has been added to prevent the wiki from auto-linking the URL.


  • <img src="http:// example.com/link/to/an/image.jpg" alt="This is alternate text to an image." />


Basic document structure


  • <p>This text becomes a paragraph.</p>
  • <blockquote><p>This paragraph is a blockquote.</p></blockquote>
  • <h1>This is a top level heading.</h1>
  • <h2>This is a second level heading.</h2>


Sites Allow Disallow

Different sites allow and disallow different HTML tags and attributes. If you use a specific site that allows some HTML (but not all), please add it here, and note which tags and attributes you know are allowed or disallowed. If you know more about what is allowed or disallowed in the sites below, please add to it!



Consumating.com has several places where you can enter markup, in general the following is allowed in every multiline textarea.

  • <a href> - hyperlinks
  • <cite> - citations
  • <em> - emphasis
  • <strong> - strong emphasis
  • ...

The following appears to be *disallowed* and is filtered out:

  • tags: <font>, <img>
  • attributes: class, style
  • ...



Flickr.com descriptions and comments allow some markup


  • <a href> - hyperlinks, <img> - images, ...


  • <div>, ...




HTML Boilerplate





    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">




    <p>This is a paragraph.</p>



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